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❝ Captain Ananke, at your service. I am unfortunaly unavailable now, so please leave your name and message at the tone and I will be in contact with you as soon as I can. Thank you. ❞

[ As of Ananke's promotion, she will now only be accessible by phone between 8 AM - 2 PM Monday - Thursday, as she has additional responsibilities and is specifically discouraged from speaking too familiarly with imPorts. ]
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voicemail, probably left at like 1 am

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Yes. Hello, Captain. My name is Qubit, I just got in earlier today. I understand you're the military liaison for all us other-dimensional castaways, correct? If so, I urgently need to speak with you. The fate of your world may depend on it. [Yes, it's incredibly cliché, but from his tone he's dead serious.] Ring me back as soon as you can. Thank you.

[If Ananke's still the one meeting people at the Porter, she may remember him making a scene and refusing to leave the lab at first. And then spending the next hour trying to hack his way back in. He is a little frazzled and has not been doing things in the right order.]
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[The call actually wakes him up, he only finally passed out like an hour ago. Right. Captain Ananke. He clears his throat and snaps to alert.]

Before that, I have a question. What, if anything, does the name "Modeus" mean to you?
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He's a notorious supervillain from my own world. A genius, but a depraved psychopath. Anyone who tried to stand in his way, he murdered in cold blood, including two of my closest friends. [Bette counts.]

He has the ability to transfer his consciousness from one body to another, but until your Porter brought me here, he was contained. Now, he's not. I can't say for sure, but there's a significant chance he may have escaped into one of your personnel.
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Wh- [Seriously?? That's the counter-evidence she's going with?] I don't think you understand, Captain. A lack of intel on your end doesn't mean he isn't here. And trust me, you don't want to take the risk of assuming that.
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[there's a short pause here as he rubs the bridge of his nose. yeeeah he hadn't really wanted to go into this part, he knows it's going to sound bad one way or another.]

... He thought he'd have a go at jumping into my head. Bit off more than he could chew.
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[And here he was, all set to get blamed for whatever happens next. The fact that she isn't immediately jumping down his throat for misplacing a supervillain takes some of the wind out of his sails.]

Uh - not that he goes by, but his given name's [insert name here, that's another one the comic wasn't kind enough to tell us. He also rattles off a handful of known aliases, while he's at it.] Where are you getting all these files, anyway?
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[Only sort of. He's still not 100% convinced.]

... But if that's right, then where ...

[That's mostly him mumbling to himself. If Modeus can be confirmed not to have come through with him - however the hell the machine managed that - then where is he? Is he just a stream of consciousness floating around the wilds of Otherspace? Because that would be at least just as much of a problem. He knows his way around out there.

But it all comes back to the Porter itself. That's the variable here. Something about it must have disrupted his shielding, or something. He needs more data.]

Mm. Actually, that brings me to my next request. I need access to your Porter, and whatever data your people have compiled on it so far.

[He's aware it's classified. He doesn't care.]
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[Impossible. Modeus can't still be in that world, he has nowhere to go. Besides, he refuses to consider losing even more friends to that maniac. Qubit often calls things impossible when he doesn't want them to be true.]

Then please get me the number of someone who can. I invented transdimensional teleportation, Captain Ananke. I know the technology inside out and backwards. If your government truly wants to understand this device - and I believe they do - I am the best possible person they could throw at it.
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[... So Ananke's less their line to the government and more the government's line to them, huh? Ugh, bureaucracy. He's itching to keep pressing the issue, but it's not fair of him to get frustrated at her about it when she's more than likely just doing her job.]

I'm sorry to hear that. [Re: the loss of life. And data, too, but the life's more important.]

Do keep my offer in mind, though. [Says he even though it was more of a demand.] Obviously, you know a lot of people I don't. Even a word in the right ear would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you.

Ah - I should tell you, if he is among your staff, there'll be signs. He knows well enough how to lay low, but when he does act he's a poor actor. He can imitate emotion, but not convincingly. And then of course, if anyone should go missing...

[She ... may want to stop him, he's kind of rambling. If she couldn't tell before, he's very tired.]
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He might. Or he might simply start killing. I don't know for sure. He was unpredictable to begin with, and now he has nothing to lose.
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Thank you, Captain. I really do appreciate it. And ... I'm sorry.

[Too many people have already died because of him. He's just praying there won't be more.]